Permissions the WhatsApp uses in your phone’s settings.

Device ID & Permissions:
Below are the brief explanations about each permission

The application can allow the device and mail contacts to the WhatsApp application, you can either edit or delete the contact list.

  • Find the contacts on the device
  • Read your contacts
  • Modify your contacts.

Wi-Fi connection:
The Wi-Fi connection will be accessible to any application because the Internet works slower than Wi-Fi. It helps out to download easily with less time.

  • View Wi-Fi connections.
  • Device and App History: The application can also maintain a list of your user information in the form of history.
  • To retrieve the running applications


  • The application can use files or data stored on your device and may access the abilities.
  • Edit or delete the contents from the USB storage.
  • Read the content from the USB.
  • The application can use files or data stored on your device and may access the abilities.


  • The app will use your account or profile information on your device, the identity access the following abilities.
  • Find accounts on the device
  • Add or remove accounts
  • Read your own contact card

The application also accessible to trace out your current location:

  • Precise location based on the GPS network
  • Approximate location network-based


  • The feature which accesses to save, edit and delete the media files and documents.
  • Edit and delete the content media from the USB
  • Read the content of your USB.


  • The application uses the camera of your device to access the application abilities:
  • Take pictures and videos


This application uses your phone and its call history, depending on your plan as you may change according to your carrier for phone calls.

  • The feature Phone allows the below permissions.
  • Read call log
  • Directly call phone numbers
  • Read phone status and identity

The app also accesses your device to record audio clips.

  • Record Audio.

Prevent device from sleeping.